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Engineering and industrial automation in Alsace

AEM, your engineering and industrial automation company in Alsace

Our company specializing in engineering and industrial automation in Alsace has been established since 1995 in the heart of Europe, in the Haut Rhin and more precisely in the municipality of Bergheim.

A company at your service

Throughout the year, AEM Automation meets the needs of companies in terms of :

  • Automatism
  • Electricity
  • Special machines.

It provides services with strong values ​​such as high quality, the competitiveness as well as speed. The company has the expertise to carry out various missions such as: project studies, automation design and electrical equipment as well as the optimization of industrial machines.

With experience in engineering, we provide you with great know-how in the field of industrial automation and essential technical skills..


AEM Automation, your partner in industrial automation

By using our services, you have the assurance of having real industrial experts by your side.

From study to design, including the implementation of programmable controllers, you now have a partner of choice to support you throughout your projects.

Our engineers are also specialized in commissioning. To commission a system or any other structure, you can count on the technical and very advanced knowledge of our industry professionals.. Siemens, Scheider or Beckhoff are all machines on which we can work for you.

interventions are carried out in France and abroad for all your designs in the field of industrial automation in the Haut Rhin

If you want to benefit from its know-how and optimize your activity, do not hesitate to contact AEM Automation for a study of your project.